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IT Services Companies In The World

Information Technology Companies 


This is a list of the world’s largest technology companies by revenue from Fortune Global 500 magazine.[1] The list includes companies whose primary business activities are associated with technology industry which includes computer hardware, software, electronics, semiconductor, internet, telecom equipment, e-commerce and computer services. Note: The list is limited to companies with annual revenues exceeding US$50 billion.

IT Services Companies List

Rank by Revenue Company Revenue ($B) USD FY Employees Market cap ($B) Headquarters .
1 United States Apple Inc. $229.2 2017 123,000 $1100 Cupertino, CA, US [2]
2 South Korea Samsung $223.4 2017 320,671 $284 Suwon, South Korea [3]
3 United States $177.8 2017 566,000 $985 Seattle, WA, US [4]
4 Taiwan Foxconn $154.7 2017 1,300,000 $66 New Taipei City, Taiwan [5]
5 United States Alphabet Inc. $110.8 2017 80,110 $834 Mountain View, CA, US [6]
6 United States Microsoft $110.360 2018 131,300 $825 Redmond, WA, US [7]
7 China Huawei $89.3 2017 180,000 N/A (Private) Shenzhen, China [8]
8 Japan Hitachi $84.5 2017 307,275 $32 Tokyo, Japan [9]
9 United States IBM $79.1 2017 397,800 $134 Armonk, NY, US [10]
10 United States Dell Technologies $78.6 2017 145,000 $18 (Class V stock) Round Rock, TX, US [11]
11 Japan Sony $77.1 2017 117,300 $67 Tokyo, Japan [12]
12 Japan Panasonic $72 2017 274,143 $30 Osaka, Japan [13]
13 United States Intel $62.7 2017 102,700 $242 Santa Clara, CA, US [14]
14 South Korea LG Electronics $54.3 2017 74,000 $342 Seoul, South Korea [15]
15 China $53.9 2017 157,831 $43 Beijing, China [16]
16 United States HP Inc. $52 2017 49,000 $37 Palo Alto, CA, US [17]

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